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    180! Fascinating Darts Facts

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    Book Out Now!
    The Official Bar Guide to Darts

    Learn more about my book The Official Bar Guide to Darts, packed full of great tips and tricks to improve your Darts.

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    I am very fortunate to have great sponsors, why not take a few minutes out of your day to learn how great WINMAU are and how they continually are improving darts for us all! From Dartboards, darts and darts accessories to providing competitions WINMAU u have been at the forefront in darts for decades.



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    My bookshop was launched some years ago as a service to darts fans in the UK and this has worked very well. At the moment I am unable to provide this service outside of the UK but that should change soon. Included on the list are darts-related videosan and books relating to pub games and pubs.



Welcome to PatrickChaplin.com!

From the beginning to now

When I set up my original website back in 2000, I had no idea how successful it would be or indeed if anyone else out there in the global internet community was interested in the history of the greatest of all sports.

In fact I have been staggered by the response from darts fans and over time this website has become one of the most popular darts sites on the planet. This, in turn, has led to me introducing Dr. Darts' Newsletter (DDN), a monthly newsletter bringing fans up to date with my research but also acting as a link with anyone interested darts of yesterday, today and tomorrow. (For details of how to subscribe to DDN see the side panel.)

For those visiting for the first time ever, my name is Dr. Patrick Chaplin, I am a author and historian and am known popularly around the world as 'Dr. Darts'. I live in the UK with my wife Maureen and cat Angel and spend many of my waking hours researching the sport of darts. I have played darts since the age of 12 and still play friendly pub darts every week with some close drinking friends but have not played in serious competition for some years. In December 2006, after more than ten years part-time, self-funded research I was awarded a PhD by the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. I am, therefore, a real ‘DOCTOR of DARTS.’

I am now regarded by many as the world’s leading darts historian and I am known affectionately across the globe as ‘Dr. Darts’. I have written and co-written a number of books on darts, the latest of which is 180! Fascinating Darts Facts (The History Press, 2012). Details of all of my books can be found elsewhere on this website. This is an authoritative and very popular website covering every aspect of darts, not just darts history. It also includes a section on pub history and the history of other pub games.

I am access able and so darts fans can also approach me direct to raise any questions they may have about the sport past and present. This can be done via my Contacts page.

Through my website I am encouraging those interested in the history and development of the game worldwide to share and exchange information. Judging by the positive remarks I receive from darts fans viewing my website (and feedback via DDN) it seems to me that it’s working just fine.

As you navigate around the site you will find contributions from other darts enthusiasts which I know you will find of interest.

I hope you enjoy my website and that you will return again and again to discover what new articles have been posted.

Best wishes and extremely happy darting to you all.

Patrick Chaplin

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Frequently Asked Questions
I often receive enquiries from darts fans asking very similar questions such as "Why are the numbers of a standard dartboard in the order they are?", "Who hit the first 9-Darter?", "Why does a throw comprise of three darts?" and " Why 501?" The answers to these and other popular questions can be found by clicking here

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Pub History
Whilst I thoroughly enjoy researching darts I am also fascinated by the history of other pub games and of course English public houses. To find out more about my delving into Pub History and Pub Games simply...

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The story of Patrick's doctorate

There can be no happier man this side of the oche today than Patrick Chaplin, of Maldon, Essex.

After ten years of self-funded, intensive, part-time postgraduate research, Patrick has been awarded a PhD by the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge – Read More Here


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180! Fascinating Darts Facts180! FASCINATING DARTS FACTS

Learn more about my latest book and where to order it. 180! is packed with fascinating and mind-boggling facts with not a statistic in sight. It will make a great gift for all darts fans. CLICK HERE

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