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New Book Out Now: 180! Fascinating Darts Facts

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180!Fascinating Darts Facts

Why did darts never make it to the 2012 Olympics?

Why are most darts matches played from 501 and not 500?

Who scored the first perfect nine-darter?

Who were the first walk-on girls?

Were early dartboards really made of pig bristle?

The answers to these and many other darts questions which have been troubling darts fans for ages (or not as the case may be) can be found in my new book.

From the big guns of yesteryear to the stars of the modern game and from the origins of darts to fans drinking a world darts venue dry, it’s all to be found in 180! Fascinating Darts Facts.

180! Fascinating Darts Facts (ISBN 9780752486116) is published by The History Press and costs £7.99 (plus postage and packing) and is available from all good bookshops, via the publishers at or through

Order your copy now. It will make a great present for each and every darts fan.

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180! Fascinating Darts Facts180! FASCINATING DARTS FACTS

Learn more about my latest book and where to order it. 180! is packed with fascinating and mind-boggling facts with not a statistic in sight. It will make a great gift for all darts fans. CLICK HERE