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John Part - World ChampionI’ve often been contacted by darts players who think that they have what it takes to become top class darters, who reckon they can mix it with the best, or at least want to give it a try, and who have dreams of playing for their county and country, who believe they have the skills and drive to become a professional darts player and who believe in their heart of hearts that they can become the next Phil Taylor, the next Trina Gulliver, a future men’s or ladies World Champion.


Trina Gulliver World Ladies Darts Champion Ian Flack (Sales & Marketing Director Winmau Dartboards) Presenting Kimberley Lewis The Girl's Winmau Masters Trophy 2006

Why ask me? I’m only an average, inconsistent pub darter so what do I know?

The reason people ask me is because they know I’m here to help and that I will always try my best to assist those wanting to make it to the top in the great sport of darts.

Here, for the benefit of all aspiring darts stars, are the results of my own research…

In late 2005, following a number of enquiries about how to progress in darts, I sought advice from the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and received the following reply:

The best thing that [a player] can do on the PDC side is to contact David Pomfret on 02476 414999 and he will send them a pack on Professional Dart Players’ Association (PDPA) membership. This is not inexpensive so the player must be realistic about their ability to compete with the best. If and when they join the PDPA they will be kept abreast of all things PDC through their websiteand the PDPA's own mailings. They will also be able to compete in all play offs for PDC televised events.

No doubt they will have had some insight back from the BDO. Their system is more structured and over a longer period whilst the PDC way is to fast track the top players because it is aiming at TV excellence.

The best way is probably something of each although I obviously think the PDC way is best providing the player has the necessary ability.’

And from another PDC source:

‘Anybody can enter the Budweiser / Blue Squre UK Open Regional Finals and events which are ranked Category One and Two on the circuit. UK Open Regional Finals are administered by the PDC and people can enter on 02476 693335 and full information of how to enter each individual event are found on Planet Darts.:

Players must be a member of the Professional Dart Players Association (PDPA) to enter the eight PDPA Players Championship events and the qualifiers for the World Championship, Stan James World Matchplay and Sky Bet World Grand Prix.

To enter the PDPA, they should either visit or call 02476 414999 ext 211 for an application form.’

For those interested in playing for their County, I do hold a list of contacts for the British Darts Organisation (BDO) Inter Counties – too lengthy to include here – so if you are interested, just drop me a line via my Contacts page, let me know the County you play in and I’ll send you the current contact name.

Allied to the BDO is the International Darts Players Association (IDPA) which is managed by, amongst others, the well-known Master of Ceremonies, Martin Fitzmaurice. For those who wish to learn more about or join the IDPA they should contact the Association at:

33 Onslow Crescent,


All up-and-coming darters will need to be aware of what’s going on in the game today and where the best competitions are being held. You’ll find all the information you need in DARTS WORLD magazine, the only magazine in the UK dedicated entirely to the sport.

The magazine includes an ‘At-a-glance’ tournaments feature and adverts for other main competitions. You can also subscribe online at

Contact details are as follows:

Michael Beeken,
Darts World,
25 Orestone View,
TN26 2LB
Tel: 01233 733558


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