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Dennis Priestley


Dennis Priestley

Below is a statement on behalf of Dennis Priestley

TWO-TIME World Darts Champion Dennis Priestley, 57, has asked to issue the following statement to clarify the situation with regards to his health.

Dennis said:

Following several months of tests I have recently been diagnosed with cancer of the prostate.

This was confirmed before the recent John McEvoy Gold Dart Classic in Ireland and unfortunately I was forced to withdraw during this event suffering from pains in my abdomen.

I visited two specialists this week, firstly regarding radiotherapy treatment and the second regarding possible surgery.

My feelings at present are that I will opt to have surgery at some point, probably in the early New Year, although the diagnosis is not a cause for immediate concern and I am confident that I will return to full health.

I have decided to announce this news so as not to create any unnecessary speculation as to the state of my health, or to detract from my preparations for the Grand Slam of Darts or the World Darts Championship.

I fully intend to participate to the best of my ability in both tournaments and believe I can win them.

I would also like to thank my family for their support during this time, as well as my friends within the darts community and my sponsors.

I will try to keep anybody who is interested updated with any developments via my website,


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