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Elmwood Darts

I’ve been contacted by Steve who writes ‘I have been given a set of wooden shaft feather darts in a box with the makers name of ELMWOOD Worlds Best, Finest Dart In The World on the front of the box. Unfortunately I can’t find out anything about the company, when they were made etc. Do you have any idea?’

Well, as I told Steve, I’ve seen a set of ELMWOOD darts but, regrettably even though they claimed to be the ‘World’s Best, Finest Dart in the World’, I know nothing about the company. That’s not surprising really give how, especially after the Second World War, darts companies proliferated and there were quite literally hundreds of companies in the UK alone. In all my research I’ve only ever been able to trace the history of a dozen or so. (Darts companies tended to leave no trace, which makes the task of research that much more difficult.)

So can anyone help Steve?

If ELMWOOD claimed to be making the world’s finest darts then the company name must mean something to someone.

If you have any information, please contact me via my Contact page.

NOTE: This question was originally posted in October 2005 and still remains unanswered.’



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