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101 Excuses for Bad Darts

101 Excuses for Bad DartsIt’s like the return of an old friend.

I first set eyes on a copy of Norma Brockwell’s book 101 Excuses for Bad Darts when it was originally published in Australia in 1983. I thought it was funny then and, as the 3rd Edition is published, I still find it funny today.

101 Excuses for Bad Darts’ is a feast of irreverent cartoons some of which, due to the passage of time, could now be regarded as politically incorrect – ‘I’ve got a headache’ is just one example. But who cares? Most of the excuses depicted in Norma’s book have been heard on an oche near you and together I am sure we could help Norma create a Volume 2. My favourites? ‘The chalker’s too slow’ and ‘I don’t like to be watched.’

Norma’s book was originally published and favourably reviewed in Darts World over twenty years ago but was generally unobtainable by darters in this country. However, since then the Internet has overcome such difficulties and the recent republication of the book means that it’s easily available to everyone on the planet by either visiting the ‘101 Excuses’ website at

or by contacting Norma direct by e-mail at

101 Excuse for Bad Darts’ makes an amusing addition to any darters library.

© 2007 Patrick Chaplin

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