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Farebrother Darts

Although I have undertaken research into a considerable number of dart manufacturers over the years, I was unable to help an enquirer from Northumberland, England, who wrote to me asking about a company named Farebrother.

My correspondent has a set of darts that belonged to his late father-in-law and were probably purchased by him in the 1950s or 1960s.

The plastic box containing the darts bears the legend ‘Farebrother Concentric Darts’ but gives no indication of where the company was based. The darts have feather flights and brass barrels.

Examination of back issues of Darts World Magazine has resulted in my finding no trace of Farebrother which would indicate that the company possibly went out of business before 1973.

Can you help track down information about this company? If so, please send it to me at the address shown in my Contacts page and I will pass it on to my correspondent.

Enquiry dated 4th February 2004


Thanks to everyone who has replied to me about Farebrother Darts. I hope to be able to prepare a detailed piece about the company in the coming months. In the meantime, if you ever worked for the company or were involved in the company in any way, I would still like to hear from you. Please contact me.

If you can add anything to the Farebrother story then please contact me.

January 2010 (Updated October 2012).

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