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Double Tot - Nathan 3 Dart Ace

Nathan Bradley                                                           Double Tot – Nathan 3 is Darts Ace.

Nathan Bradley started playing darts from the age of 2 after watching his Dad play in the kitchen. To his amazement Nathan’s Dad James came in one day and caught him pulling a chair to the dart board and pulling the darts out of the board after throwing them.

Such was James’s amazement at his son’s ability that he lowered the board so it would be the same height as Nathan where the tot sensation stood flawlessly and began throwing darts perfectly at the board.

Nathans Dad reckons that James inspiration came after watching Premier League darts on the TV. James began copying player’s walk on’s and their behaviour on the Oche and transferred it to his own game and watched the recorded darts morning, noon and night.

Unsurprisingly Nathan’s hero is the one and only Phil the Power Taylor who he idolises.

Nathan met with Phil Taylor’s family and they were so impressed with Nathan’s ability that they showed Phil some Video footage and even he could not believe a lad so young could play darts the way he does.

To date Nathan has appeared at the BDO youth challenge in Cleethorpes,

The Lancashire v Cambridge County match as a special guest and in November he will be in Bridlington at the BBC Winmau World Masters.

With a press portfolio any Pro Dart player would be proud of Nathan has already appeared on local and national TV with numerous interviews in local and national press.

Nathan has a mini sponsorship with WINMAU and Nathan proudly wears his Winmau branded dart shirt at every occasion.

In January Nathan starts at the Hull Darts School of Excellence and his mentor there will be JJ Gibbs. JJ saw the raw talent of Nathan and said that “In all of my life I have never seen someone so young throw darts the way that Nathan can”.

To date Nathan’s best score is 140 from a lower board height and shorter oche due to his size but to see him play on his dartboard is something truly amazing.

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WINMAU-sponsored child darts ace, Nathan Bradley, from Lancaster, England, who hit the headlines last autumn, now has his own agent.

His parents James and Amber Bradley recently approached Sprint Sport Talent on behalf of Nathan who was originally dubbed ‘Double Tot’ by the media. Nathan’s dad James said, “We wanted to gain professional support and assistance to enable us to deal with the frequent queries we are receiving about Nathan and to gain advice and guidance on what to do next for Nathan.”

When asked if Nathan was perhaps a little young (at three years old) to have an agent James added, “We certainly do not believe being involved with an agent is child exploitation. We as parents would never allow this to happen to our child. We and the agent are of course fully aware of Nathan’s age and we would never arrange anything for him that would be too much or cause him to over exert himself. Nathan's safety and happiness remains important and key at all times.”

James and Amber approached the agents because they believe that Sprint Sport Talent will be able to help with the management of Nathan's darting future. His parents will have full control of all decision making.

James said, “The agents are interested in the possibility of Nathan becoming involved with darts exhibitions and to increase the publicity he receives within the darts field.” Again, James reiterated that any and all events with which it is proposed that Nathan will become involved will be considered very carefully to decide whether or not they are appropriate for him.

Nathan, who will be four in September, now also has his own website ( where fans can learn all about ‘The Darts Kid’. Gems of information from the site reveal, amongst other things that his favourite foods are ‘pizza & jam’, his favourite colour is blue and that his favourite place is ‘In front of a darts board…’

Nathan is a great supporter of darts too and he is fast becoming a recognised face on the circuit. James said, “We recently took Nathan to meet Johnny Kuczynski (‘Johnny K’), the US No. 1 and he has offered his support to Nathan and was amazed by his talent.” James added, “We also bumped into Alan Warriner in town. He knew who Nathan was and invited us to an exhibition up in Whitehaven on 21st June, where he will be included in the programme and invited up on stage as well as meeting Eric Bristow, Keith Deller, Peter Manley and, of course, Alan himself.”

Like every serious darter, Nathan practices his sport every day. His father James said, “He becomes more of a perfectionist with his darts each day. Nathan is still playing for around 4 - 5 hours a day; going on the board as soon as he gets up in the morning!” In addition, Nathan is apparently really excited at seeing himself online on his website and about going to the upcoming tournaments.

With such an early and positive start in darts, with an agent and a mini sponsorship for his darts supplies already secured from WINMAU, there are many people in the world of darts who will be following this (very) young man’s career with interest.

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