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The Brit and Yankee

Yes, it’s true!

I will be the subject of my first-ever podcast on the US website this coming Easter Monday (9th April 2007).

Phil Clark, an ex-pat now living in Chicago, runs the site, which is a virtual pub, with his colleague Mike Lingafelter. A while ago Phil contacted me and asked if I would be the subject of a podcast from ‘The Brit and Yankee’.

Of course, I agreed.

Last week Phil interviewed me about my work and the history of darts and the result is to form a three-part podcast. (Yes, we talked and talked and talked…) Part I of Dr. Darts’ first-ever podcast will go on to the site this coming Monday with Parts II and III following at fortnightly intervals. (Folks should check the website each week for an update.)

The website isn’t that well known (yet) so I’m doing all I can through colleagues in the darting world to bring attention to my inaugural on-line mumblings. Any help visitors to my website can give to promote the podcast would be appreciated.

I hope you enjoy listening to what I have to say about our great sport.

Best wishes,

Patrick Chaplin

3rd April 2007

PS This is NOT a late April Fool!

Brit & Yankee, Patrict Chaplin Podcast 1

Podcast 1

Brit & Yankee, Patrict Chaplin Podcast 2

Podcast 2

Brit & Yankee, Patrict Chaplin Podcast 3

Podcast 3

The three podcast can be downloaded by clicking on the above Podcast icons alternatively you can down load the Brit & Yankee's full Fortnightly podcast by following the link below.

Please note the pobcast will play on your computer you do not need a portable mp3 player or an ipod to listen to the broadcasts.

If required you can download a free copy of QuickTime to listen to the podcasts on your PC. Click on the QuickTime icon to the left of this text.

The Brit and Yankee Podcasts can now be found in the Podcast Archives on the Brit and Yankee web site

Podcast dates 8th April 2007, 23rd April 2007 & 7th May 2007

© Patrick Chaplin 2007

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