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Eddie Austin is currently Press Officer for Shropshire Darts Organisation and also a player in their A side in the B.I.C.C. Division 4.

Eddie is also a budding darts historian.

Some years ago Eddie took it upon himself to try and put together a complete playing history for Shropshire, showing all the team and individual results. Eddie has seen and recorded all results from December 1979 until the present day but just cannot find those key remaining details that will complete his research.

These relate to the period from October 1978 to November 1979 inclusive. Eddie has all the team scores from these matches but only limited individual results. Thus he is hoping that visitors to my website can help.

Eddie has been in contact with the BDO, Darts World, Shropshire dart players (including the Captain at that time, John Cresswell), plus he has spent many hours looking through back issues of the Shropshire Star and sent letters to all current County Secretaries. He has even had a letter published in Darts World magazine. A good deal of information was gleaned from these sources but the gaps remain.


The following matches are the ones where Eddie has information missing:

  • 7/8 October 1978 Opponents: Tyne & Wear (Away). Venue: Not known
  • 4/5 November 1978 Opponents: Northumberland (Home) Venue: Seven Acres Club, Shrewsbury
  • 9/10 December 1978 Opponents: Northamptonshire (A) Venue: Cogenhoe W.M.C.
  • 6/7 January 1979 Opponents: Humberside (H) Venue: Seven Acres Club
  • 27/28 January 1979 Opponents: Worcestershire (A) Venue: The Copper Tops, Worcester.
    (Note: B Team results only required for this match.)
  • 3/4 March 1979 Opponents: Cumbria (H) Venue: Seven Acres Club
    (Note: Men’s B Team results only required.)
  • 7/8 April 1979 Opponents: Nottinghamshire (A) Venue: Gedling Miners Welfare
    (Note: Ladies B Team results not required.)
  • 5/6 May 1979 Opponents: Bedfordshire (H) Venue: Seven Acres Club
  • 6/7 October 1979 Opponents: Bedfordshire (A) Venue: Not known
  • 24/25 November 1979 Opponents: Hertfordshire (H) Venue: Seven Acres Club
    (Note: Only the Ladies B Team results are required.)

So then guests, can we help Eddie complete the history of the Shropshire Darts Organisation? There must be a good number of you out there which old Shropshire programmes in a drawer somewhere – either as a home supporter or visitor.

If you have any information, please forward it to:

Eddie Austin,
28 Vineyard Drive,
TF10 7DE

Alternatively, you can send me an e-mail. Both Eddie and I look forward to hearing from you.

UPDATE - In September 2012 Eddie contacted me to say that he had finished setting up a website which displays 'all results from the history of Shropshire darts'. That's great news. The website address is

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