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Great news.

My website was reviewed in the February 2010 issue of the darts magazine We Love Darts and was awarded a five-star rating.

The reviewer wrote:

Patrick Chaplin's websiteWe Love Darts
‘When we previously reviewed Dr. Darts’ website, we said it provided a wealth of knowledge and trivia that no darts fan should be without. Well, that’s still the case, but now it’s had a facelift!

There are some new features, including pub history, pub signs and pub games, and Patrick says he’ll be sending out the occasional newsletter. If you’re a true darts fan, bookmark this page now!’

We Heart Darts rating: HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

Thanks to all the guys and girls at WLD for such a positive review

Thanks too to my webmaster David King for his expertise in redesigning and effectively reinventing my website in time for its launch just before the world championship season started last December. David King and I work hard and do our utmost to bring you information and fascinating facts about the sport in a clear and entertaining way.

I say “Long may it continue”.


February 2010 receives recognition from the Golden Web Awards.

Golden Web was first recognised by the Golden Web Awards in 2003 and still receives reorganisation for its design and useful content.






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