Patrick Chaplin: Players Past & Present

Where are they now?


‘Where are they now?’ began in 2005 as a series of occasional articles produced for Darts World magazine. The simple purpose of these articles is to reveal to readers what well-known darts people from the past are up to today.


Steve Brennan - Photo courtesy of Darts World magazine Peter Chapman with Diana Dors
Steve Brennan Peter Chapman
Don Coutts Alan Glaizier
Don Coutts Alan Glazier
Gayl King - Photo Credit Sheila Handley Doug McCarthy
Gayl King Doug McCarthy
Trevor Peachey
Trevor Peachey

The subjects do not need to be ex-world champions. All they need to have done is played an important part in darts history. For example, my first subject was DON COUTTS; not an internationally known name but certainly a man who contributed greatly to the sport during the 1970s and 1980s. Following quickly on was the great PETER CHAPMAN, winner of the News of the World Individual Darts Championship in 1973/74. Several other ‘Where are they now?’ articles are in preparation and will appear first in Darts World.

But there is more to this section of my website than recalling the greats of the past. It is also a point to which darts fans can come to post requests for darters who they have lost contact with to get in touch. So, if you are trying to find the whereabouts of a darts star of the past drop me a line via my Contact page and I will post your appeal for information on this page and then we’ll see what happens.