Dart Sight

Steve ‘Metalman’, a subscriber to my Dr. Darts’ Newsletter (DDN) was good enough to bring my attention to a fascinating new product on the market called DartSight, the invention of brothers David and Stuart Needham of Oldham, Lancashire.

Billed by its inventors as a ‘revolutionary new darts training aid’ the purpose of DartSight (left) is to ‘align your throw and develop a reliable and repeatable muscle memory for your action.’

Sounds complicated? Well it isn’t…

DartSight is a small plastic device comprising a twistable push-fit ‘sighter’ that seats on to a split ring designed to fit any finger. Once placed snuggly on your middle digit, the product helps you develop a greater level of accuracy on a more consistent basis.

Eager to trial this new device, I took DartSight and the instructions to my local pub and asked some friends of mine to try out the product. One or two laughed in my face and thought I was playing a joke on them; that it was some kind of gimmick. Others, who were less rigid in their well-established darts-throwing ways, gave it a go. I have to say that it didn’t work for me (What does?) but others found that, with a bit of application and concentration, DartSight did seem to improve their accuracy.

Another friend assumed that the product was aimed at the novice or players who are having trouble identifying an issue in their game.  He added, “However, I can see how, if taken seriously, DartSight can help refocus a players’ attention.”

After the ‘trial’ the general consensus was that DartSight is a product that, for the price of a pint, has the potential to improve anyone’s game. The Needham brothers are to be congratulated on producing such an effective and inexpensive darting aid.

For more information go to the DartSight website at

Text © 2014 Patrick Chaplin
Image © 2014 DartSight

(This review first appeared in Dr. Darts’ Newsletter #45 – February 2014