The mid-1940s was still a time of rationing. Eager to help their readers make the best of their limited resources, a darts publication came up with the idea of compiling a recipe book.

Although most replies were very positive and featured basic recipes, one writer revealed his tongue-in-cheek recipe for a Christmas Pudding for darts players. The ingredients were

  • 2lbs of self-raising flour
  • 10lbs of butter
  • 12lbs of mixed fruit
  • Two bottles of whisky
  • One bottle of brandy
  • One bottle of gin

The equipment needed was a basin, a three-pint glass and an alarm clock.

The Method

Christmas Pudding

First tip the fruit into the basin and while eating it – that’s the fruit, not the basin – pour the whisky, brandy and gin into the glass. Stand the clock on the piano (if any) and keep sipping from the glass until you can’t tell the time. Finally, shortly afterwards, swap the butter for clothing coupons as a peace offering to the wife!