DIGLS Dartboard


DIGLS Dartboard

Over the years there have been many attempts to bring our games and pastimes to the dartboard. This is not in the form of alternative games but alternative dartboards. In the past these have included golf, snooker, football and even bingo. Now, for what is believed the very first time, a form of ‘Darts meets Scrabble ®’ has been devised by Cases Project Management of Bridport, Dorset.

Named ‘DIGLS’ and pronounced ‘Diggles’ (the name coming from the order of words at the top of the dartboard) by sheer skill players accumulate letters and can earn single, double and quadruple word score values. The letters are placed in the ‘DIGLS bank and once a player has filled his or her bank with letters (and the opposition has had equal darts) it is then up to both sides to make up the highest scoring word(s) from that bank. The highest word score wins!

The DIGLS dartboard game comes complete with two scoreboards, dry marker pen and full instructions. The instructions include detailed notes plus a number of fascinating alternative DIGLS games. (The one mentioned here is only for beginners.

DIGLS provides a refreshing change from ‘ordinary’ darts but, as Managing Director, Richard Rose points out, the company is also targeting non-darts markets. That may be as well as ideas like these rarely catch on with pub darts players and therefore a focus on other markets such as innovative or ‘for the home’ or novelty catalogues should produce results for this excellent idea.

DIGLS Board with Cabinet

If any visitors to this website have friends and relatives who love word games then they will love DIGLS.

Further details of the DIGLS dartboard and the cost of this ingenious ‘lexical darts’ idea can be found at www.digls.co.uk.

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