Pub History

The Cherry Tree pub, Witham, Essex (circa 1914)
The Cherry Tree pub, Witham, Essex (circa 1914)
The Cherry Tree pub, Witham, Essex (circa 1914)

This may surprise my regular visitors but I actually have research interests other than darts. (Yes. It’s true!)

You cannot research darts, or any other pub game or sport that involves the public house without an understanding of both the pub and pub culture. So over time I have become not only a Darts Historian but also a Pub Historian.

Whilst writing and researching my PhD I joined the Pub History Society (PHS) and since 2003 have contributed a number of articles to both the PHS quarterly Newsletter and its occasional Journal.

This new section of my website gives me an opportunity to present to a wider readership some of the articles that have been published by the PHS over the past few years AND to promote the PHS itself. (My thanks to the Chairman and Committee of the PHS for permission to reproduce articles here which first appeared in either the PHS Newsletter or the Journal.)

The Pub History Society is a small but growing band of enthusiasts, their pub expertise covering all aspects of pub history from the history of specific pubs, pub groups, pub names, pub games, pub architecture, pub tankards and other pub-related equipment and gadgets. Plus of course it is also for those simply interested in pub history. The Society has plenty of social activities too including pub crawls. (For more information about the Pub History Society and how to join our happy throng please visit

For those wishing to learn more about other pub games or pub signs, please refer to the two other new sections of my website which cover these aspects of pub history.

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