The Sun Darts Quiz Book Compiled By Chris Bradshaw

The Sun darts Quiz Book

Now here’s a book for the real darts connoisseur – especially for those who think they know everything there is to know about the sport.

The compiler, Chris Bradshaw, must have plundered all manner of books, magazines and websites to produce this mini-masterpiece and took a great deal of care to cover every element of the game from its history to the latest tournament results – although it tends to major on tournaments and personalities. Questions range from the dead simple to ‘Mastermind’ level.

Nevertheless, with such a huge number of questions – and being the first book of its kind – it will inevitably have darts ‘experts’ descending on it like vultures, to pick over every question trying to spot the error. With over 200 pages and 2,000 questions there has to be one or two.

For example, on page 25, question 12, Chris calls Bob Potter’s establishment ‘The Lakeside Town and Country Club’ and elsewhere he refers to Alex Roy being known as ‘The Ace of Hearts’, not ‘Herts’, which rather messes up the style of the question. Like many folk, Chris gets the hoary old question ‘What was the prize for throwing the first televised 9 dart finish?’ – Page 77, question 3 – wrong. The answer is not £100,000 but £102,000 (£100,000 from the sponsor and £2,000 from the BDO). Watch forums on the internet like ‘Superstars of Darts’ find more, but – Hey!

How can I hold any of this against Chris when the author includes a question about me in the section titled ‘Extra Hard’? (Page 165, question 3)

The Sun Darts Quiz Book is both an excellent gift for all darters and a great source book for all those pub quizmasters who are sick of asking questions about football.

Published by HarperCollins at £5.99, The Sun Darts Quiz Book is available from all good bookshops and via

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