Amazing news from Harrows.

Always looking for innovative ways of utilising dartboards, Harrows’ Research and Development Department’s New Uses for Dartboards (NUD) team have come up with an idea that they hope will completely change perceptions of darts players and fitness and demonstrates how they can travel to matches taking two dartboards with them.

Introducing DARTOBIKE. Harrows announced today that the Dartobike (pictured above) is ‘the darts players’ dream machine’ and is the latest advance in Triathlon Training Techniques (TTT) combining, as it does, the three key elements of cycling (which has become extremely popular since the UK’s success in the Olympics), darts and drinking.

A spokesman told me, “Dartobike is the ideal transport to your local hostelry and allows the rider to release the ‘wheels’ on arrival, play numerous games of 501, re-bolt the boards and proceed homewards in an orderly direction.”

The on-board drinks dispenser allows for necessary “top ups” along the way but only soft-drinks of course.  The Harrows spokesman added that the ride on the solid wood/steel/sisal-constructed ‘wheels’ was “Firm but fair.”

© 2017 Patrick Chaplin

Image, Dartobike Data and technical information Copyright Harrows. Used with permission.

NOTE: This article was first published in Dr. Darts’ Newsletter (DDN) #85 on 1st April 2017.

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