The QUADRO 240 board was introduced by Harrows Darts Technology in 1992. It had an extra ring between the double ring and the outer bull which counted four times the value. Thus the highest score achievable with one dart was quadruple 20 (80) and the maximum with three darts was 240. (Hearing the referee shouting “240!” doesn’t have the same impact as “180!” does it?

The revolutionary QUADRO 240

The board was not very popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, most dart players are resistant to anyone messing about with their game. (Although you could still play the standard game on the Quadro Board by simply ignoring the quadruple ring)  Secondly the professionals didn’t like it very much and that was mainly because they had the greatest difficulty learning all the ‘Quadro’ out-shots. For example, the highest outshot on the Quadro board was 210 – Q20, Q20, BULL.  There were simply hundreds of combinations to remember and most found it impossible.

The Quadro board was used in a major darts competition – the World Darts Council (WDC, later the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC)) UK Matchplay. In 1993 it was called the Skol Matchplay and was played at the Aquarius Club, Chesterfield and was won by Dennis Priestley who beat Jocky Wilson 6-1 in the Final. Both Wilson and Phil Taylor scored maximum 240s during the competition. It was televised by Yorkshire TV. (Darts World,April 1993, p. 12)

In 1994 the competition was called the WDC UK Matchplay and was held at the Dial House WMC, Sheffield and was won by Dennis Priestley who beat Bob Anderson 7-5 in the final. No 240s were scored in the competition on this occasion.  (Darts World,May 1994, p. 8).

In 1995 it was again called the WDC UK Matchplay. It was played at The Dome, Doncaster and the winner was Alan Warriner who beat Rod Harrington 6-4 in the Final. During the competition, Peter Evison scored a maximum 240. (Darts World, April 1995, p. 12)

In 1996 the UK Matchplay was again held at The Dome, Doncaster and this time was won by PhilTaylor who beat Dennis Priestley 6-2 in the Final. In the fourth leg Taylor checked out on 188 (two quad 20s and double 14). Bob Anderson hit a maximum 240 in the fourth leg of his match against John Lowe.

Harrows ceased production of the Quadro 240 in 2000.

©2005 Patrick Chaplin

Image of Quadro Board © Harrows Darts. Used with permission.

(With special thanks to Robert Pringle, Sales and Marketing Director of Harrows Darts.)


  1. My brother had a quadro board around the early 90’s,he used it a charity events which was good , it would be good if they could start making them again as there has a lot of people who would buy them now at a price that is at athe average price for a dart board but as I’ve seen people are selling these harrow’s quadro boards from £200 to about £350 pounds which is a obscene price


    1. Hi Dave. Thanks for your feedback. A few years ago I did talk to Harrows about the Quadro and there was some talk that it MIGHT be making a return. However, as so much time has passed, I guess they decided not to. People seem to be prepared to pay really silly money for one. I wonder how much they’d pay for mine, which is a prototype Quadro! Cheers. Patrick


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