It’s A Funny Old Game, Darts, Life The Best Of Dartoid

Dartoid (Paul Seigel) reports regularly on his favourite sport of darts from all over the planet wherever his work for the International Fund for Animal Welfare and Operation Smile or his own leisure time takes him His column ‘Dartoid’s World’ is syndicated across the globe and he has established himself as the key reporter on darts ‘from the field.’


Dartoid’s enthusiasm for darts knows no boundaries and he can write wicked reports about the great sport whether he’s there on the spot witnessing a competition first hand or watching darts on TV from the comfort of his favourite chair at his home in

All those who know of Dartoid and his work know his style; a style I would describe as perpetually open, honest and entertaining. He can be at one time so controversial that you can hear the libel lawyers beating a path to his door, then the next he’s a serious social commentator on the world he sees outside of darts. Call Dartoid whatever you like. He’ll admit to being all things – and some!

I personally feel that it is time for a compilation of Dartoid’s articles to be foisted upon an uncertain world. Dartoid is well-travelled, but the question has to be asked, “Have his articles travelled well?” The answer, as far as I am concerned, is “Yes”; they are as relevant, fascinating and original as when I first discovered Dartoid six or seven years ago.

Look deeply into Dartoid’s articles and you see the real man – but he doesn’t really want you to do that. He’d prefer you to sit back on the couch with a six-pack of Bud and your best partner (man, woman, dog, cat, etc) by your side and read them at leisure. You’ll find an interpretation of the world of darts that is so original that it can only be found in ‘Dartoid’s World.’

For those who are familiar with Dartoid’s work, his collection – It’s a Funny Game, Darts, Life – The Best of Dartoid’s World -is a must have. For everyone interested in darts, this book provides them with a unique insight into our sport from a man who’s been there, done that and then gone back and done it again.

For those who have never heard of this madman I ask the question “Where have you been?”

It’s a Funny Game, Darts. Life – The Best of Dartoid was published in the USA by Totem Pointe Books, Inc., Columbia, Missouri, on 1st July 2005 and will be available to darts fans in the UK through

© 2007 Patrick Chaplin