The Darts Bible By David Norton & Patrick Mcloughlin (With Steve Brown)

The Darts Bible By David Norton & Patrick Mcloughlin (With Steve Brown)

When David Norton co-author of The Darts Bible contacted me some months ago I was happy to provide him with mainly darts history information plus contacts. David and Patrick Mcloughlin’s book was then in its very early stages of construction although I was aware that they were working to a very tight timetable. I knew that my own book The Official Bar Guide to Darts was due to be published in June 2010 and so assumed that the Bible would be published before my Guide.

This has turned out not to be the case and thus I find myself in receipt of a review copy of The Darts Bible a few days before my own book is published in the USA and the UK by Puzzlewright (a subsidiary of Sterling Publishing).

After careful consideration I believe that it would be unfair of me to write a review of The Darts Bible as I am completely and utterly biased towards my own work (Who wouldn’t be?) and of course it would not be in my own best interests to do so.

However, what I would say is that I was pleased to talk to David and provide information that assisted in some small way to the compilation and publication of The Darts Bible. I greatly appreciated the acknowledgement of this in the book.

I believe that the best approach I can take is to direct visitors to my website to reviews of The Darts Bible that I am aware of so far and make no further comment. These are David King’s review on, the review in We Love Darts magazine (June 2010, page 79) and Darts World magazine (June 2010, page 21) (although the latter appears to be a repeat of the original press release from Apple Press).

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