Trina Gulliver has been uniquely honoured in her home town of Southam, Warwickshire, with seven specially made benches to celebrate her seven consecutive BDO Lakeside Women’s World titles from 2001 to 2007.

Each specially engraved bench has been placed in sites around the town which are special to Trina – starting at the Bowling Green Pub, which was run by her parents and where she lived until the age of 4.

The benches celebrate each of the seven years in which Trina won her titles, and an attractive colour brochure has been produced. It is entitled ‘The Trina Trail’ and describes Trina as ‘Southam’s Golden Girl’.

Darts is also a winner, because never before has a darts player been honoured in this way. “I feel completely overwhelmed that Southam has honoured me and my achievements in darts in such a unique way”, says Trina. “The town and its people have given me tremendous support throughout my career and I am proud that they have recognised me in this way.”

Not only is the trail destined to become an enjoyable walk for local people, but it is now a tourist attraction in the town.

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