Ladies Darts

Always and forever the ‘poor relation’ to men’s darts, the ladies’ game has suffered greatly from lack of TV exposure and thus lack of creditable funding via sponsorship.

Although I do not have it within my power to necessarily change that situation, I can dedicate one section of my website to the history and encouragement of ladies’ darts, something I believe no other darts website (apart from the LDO set up in 2012) has ever done before. (Come on! Correct me if I’m wrong!)

This section begins small but it is hoped that, given time, more and more articles will appear about progress in the women’s game. The Ladies Darts Organisation (LDO) was formed in 2012 and is an exciting development and players (both female and male) are encouraged to visit the LDO website to see what their plans are and how all lady players can join up and promote the cause.

The website can be found at

There are many who are saying that the men’s game is becoming too staid, dull, rowdy and self-indulgent and that it is time for the ladies’ game to break through. I have no idea how that can be achieved but I am convinced that there are plenty of lady darts players out there who have views. So, why not write a piece for this section of my website and share those ideas and opinions with lady darters across the world? You can do so by e-mailing me at

If you do send me material it may well end up in my monthly Dr. Darts’ Newsletter and be read by hundreds more darts fans.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the articles presented here.

Right to Left - Trina Gulliver, Patrick Chaplin, Clare Bywater & Frances Hoenselaar
Here’s a great photo of me with multi-world titled Trina Gulliver, Clare Bywater and Francisca Hoenselaar, taken at the WINMAU World Masters in 2005. What a happy chap I look! (Photo © 2005 Moppix)

For more information about Trina visit her website at

For more information about Francisca visit her website at

© Patrick Chaplin 2007 (Updated 2012)

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