Darts Miscellany by Matt Bozeat

Darts Miscellany

UK-based darts journalist Matt Bozeat has found an original approach to darts writing by producing what I believe to be the first miscellany of darts of the modern era.

Concentrating mainly on fascinating facts and lists of the ‘new age’ of darts, though paying due respect to the past kings of the oche, including Lowe, Anderson, Wilson and Bristow, Matt provides an entertaining read which will appeal to all darts fans.

Encouragingly Matt also makes room for the ladies in a chapter titled ‘It’s A Woman’s Game’ although I felt that a little more space could have been given to Canadian darter Gayl King’s achievement of being the first lady darter to compete against the men in the 2001 PDC World Championship.

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The Official Bar Guide to Darts 
by Patrick Chaplin, PhD, Darts Historian

The Official Bar Guide to Darts - Patrick Chaplin PhD

After more than four years in the making, my new book The Official Bar Guide to Darts was unleashed on an unsuspecting global darting public in 2010..

Followers of my work will know that I have previously co-authored books with three-time World Darts Champion John Lowe (2005 and 2009) and eight-time Women’s World Champion, Trina Gulliver (2008) and had the book based on my PhD (Darts in England 1900-1939: A social history) published by Manchester University Press last year, but this latest work is, for me, a bit special.

The Official Bar Guide to Darts is written specifically with the general reader in mind. The book is aimed at all those interested in playing the game whether they are beginners, seasoned members of a darts league or even – dare I suggest it – seriously experienced darts players looking to hone their skills or to solve a particular problem with their game.

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The Darts Bible By David Norton & Patrick Mcloughlin
(With Steve Brown)

The Darts Bible

When David Norton co-author of The Darts Bible contacted me some months ago I was happy to provide him with mainly darts history information plus contacts. David and Patrick Mcloughlin’s book was then in its very early stages of construction although I was aware that they were working to a very tight timetable. I knew that my own book The Official Bar Guide to Darts was due to be published in June 2010 and so assumed that the Bible would be published before my Guide.

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Played at the Pub – The Pub Games of Britain
By Arthur R. Taylor


Arthur R. Taylor has been researching pub games for nearly forty years and has recently published his ultimate work on the subject Played at the Pub – The pub games of Britain

Arthur’s first excursion into pub games publishing was Pub Games (St. Albans: Mayflower Books) in 1976. Sixteen years later ‘son of Pub Games’ was published in the form of The Guinness Book of Traditional Pub Games (Enfield: Guinness Publishing, 1992), a massively expanded and extended version of his earlier book with much more information and many more illustrations and photographs. But Played at the Pub, quite honestly, kicks both of them into a cocked hat.

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Darts in England 1900-39

Darts in England 1900 - 1939

My book Darts in England 1900-1939: A social history was published in hardback in 2009 and in November 2012 my ‘life’s work’ will be published in paperback..

The book, the culmination of over 12 years intensive research, is the very first academic work to be published relating to the social history of the most popular pastime and sport in the world – DARTS. It is published by Manchester University Press as part of that publishers’ prestigious series ‘Studies in Popular Culture.’

The cost of the hardback is £55 but that is so often the case with short print-run academic books but it was prohibitive for the general darts fan. The good news is that the paperback version is available, costs a mere £15.99 and can be ordered/pre-ordered by going to or e-mailing NBN International at I hope now that all serious darts fans will be able to purchase (and enjoy) the book.

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John Lowe

Old Stoneface Reveals All In His Autobiography


(Now available in paperback with an additional chapter)

Three times World Professional Darts Champion, John Lowe, has recently completed the task of writing his first major work of autobiography.

Although in the pipeline for a long time, it was not until the summer of 2004 that John was able to schedule the time to write this, his fourth book. John says, “The first two books were basically ‘how to play’ and consisted of passing on my skills and knowledge to my readers. The third book ‘The John Lowe Story – Inside Pro Darts with the World Champion’ was my first stab at autobiography and took my story up to 1987.”

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The Darts ‘B’ Team By Colin S. Drury

The Darts 'B' Team - Colin Drury

Colin Drury, a retired civil servant, was born in Bridgend and raised on licensed premises (which included ‘The Masons Arms’ (now demolished) in the Kenfig area of the town) and presumably he used that experience to bring some semblance of reality to his book The Darts ‘B’ Team.

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The Complete Dartshooter


Pennsylvanian-born Peter Pappalardo had his first novel Bluegrass published by AuthorHouse (a self-publishing house) in 2005 and now, for his second venture into authorship, applies his knowledge and love of the sport of darts to bring us The Compleat Dartshooter.

Describing himself as ‘an erstwhile dart shooter’, Pappalardo’s book is a strange and effective combination of a dark yet whimsical look at the world that lies nestled in the bosom of every small town in America. From the moment that the orphaned exile Aznap “Nappy” Ochnas meets a charismatic mafia bagman named Fletcher Widdy, the pair roam about searching for the meaning of life, or at least a good game of darts.

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The Art of Darts

John Lowe Reveals ‘The Art of Darts’ (Update)

The Art of Darts by John Lowe

John Lowe’s eagerly awaited darts tuition book The Art of Darts is to be published by Hodder & Stoughton at the end of May.

John said “It is almost four years since I first realised that the sport of darts was badly in need of a comprehensive manual that would help the beginner and the professional alike and so I have written The Art of Darts.” He added, “I believe The Art this book once bought would never be loaned – always owned – and an on-going source of self help to all darts players.”

This important instructional work is written in a way to make it easy reading and simple to understand. It is relevant to all levels of play and not only shows the beginner the correct stance, grip and release but shows all players how to build the self-confidence needed to be more than just proficient at this most popular of sports.

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Eric Bristow – 
The Crafty Cockney The Autobiography


Over two decades on from his first venture into biography in 1985, so much has happened to Eric Bristow most of which not even the brash 26-year old back then could have predicted.

Deryk Brown’s biography of the then three-time Embassy world champion and four-time World Master (The Official Biography of Eric Bristow – The Crafty Cockney, (London: Queen Anne Press, 1985) left us with the press wondering if Eric and Maureen Flowers would be married soon and Eric looking forward to more world titles yet predicting in the closing chapter that John Lowe would be at the top ‘for another four or five years’.

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The Dart League King by Keith Lee Morris

The Dart League King

Keith Lee Morris

Keith Lee Morris is an associate professor of English and creative writing at Clemson University, South Carolina who certainly knows his darts and how to weave the world of local darts into a story of complex relationships, murder, drug-dealing and intrigue. Five fates are inextricably linked in this fine novel and the whole thing is played out in one night.

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How to Master The Sport Of Darts (2nd Edition)

George Silberzahn

How to Master The Sport of Darts (Second Edition)

George Silberzahn is not the best known of US darts player here in the UK but his influence on darters ‘across the pond’ in terms of darts training is undeniable. George started playing darts in 1962 and retired from the sport in 1982 and began to concentrate on writing about the sport he loved. He published two darts booklets during the 1980s and the contents of these (and much more) were finally produced in book form in 2004.

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How to Master The Sport Of Darts

George Silberzahn

How to Master the sport of Darts by George Silberzahn

To darts players in the UK, George Silberzahn may not be well know, but in the USA he has carved out quite a reputation as the man whose mission in life is to teach everyone to play darts.

Born in Gibbstown, New Jersey in September 1938, George joined his first local darts league in 1962. It was an American-style league of which he became President in 1965.

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Darts with the Lid Off
by Alan and Geoffrey D’Egville

Darts With The Lid Off - Alan and Geoffrey D' Egville

Has darts changed all that much in the past 45 years? Perhaps not says MAT COWARD, who recently made a surprising discovery…

Darts has swept the country from end to end, from top to bottom, side to side and even diagonally … the man who cannot speak the lingo of the dart is nowadays an outcast. The girls can’t stand him and the men never do, not even half a pint. You may be head man in your business, but in the bars of England the only thing that counts is whether you can score a double quickly.

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Trina Gulliver Golden Girl 
The Autobiography of The Greatest Ever Ladies’ Dart Player

Trina Gulliver GOLDEN GIRL The Autobiograpghy of the Greatest Ever Ladies' Darts Player

This week is an exciting time for darts publishing. For the first time ever a female darts champion publishes her life story. Yes, the eagerly awaited autobiography by multi-world champion Trina Gulliver titled Golden Girl – The Autobiography of the Greatest Ever Ladies Darts Player is published on 7th January by John Blake Publishing of London. As I have helped Trina to write her unique book, it would be unfair for me to say any more. Therefore, here are some reviews from other darts aficionados that I am sure will be of interest.

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Murder on The Darts Board – Justin Irwin

Murder On The Darts Board By Justin Irwin

Although the title sounds like an Agatha Christie novel, this is not a murder mystery but a book describing Justin Irwin’s ‘journey into the heart of dartness’.

Many darts fans will remember Justin’s quest which began in a blaze of national publicity in early 2005 when he resigned from a highly paid director’s post at the charity ChildLine to pursue a dream. He announced that he was giving it all up in order to focus on becoming a world darts champion within one year.

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The Sun darts Quiz Book

Compiled by Chris Bradshaw


Now here’s a book for the real darts connoisseur – especially for those who think they know everything there is to know about the sport.

The compiler, Chris Bradshaw, must have plundered all manner of books, magazines and websites to produce this mini-masterpiece and took a great deal of care to cover every element of the game from its history to the latest tournament results – although it tends to major on tournaments and personalities. Questions range from the dead simple to ‘Mastermind’ level.

Nevertheless, with such a huge number of questions – and being the first book of its kind – it will inevitably have darts ‘experts’ descending on it like vultures, to pick over every question trying to spot the error. With over 200 pages and 2,000 questions there has to be one or two.

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Bellies and Bullseyes

Bellies and Bullseyes by Sid Waddell

Bellies and Bullseyes is not, of course, Sid Waddell’s first foray into darts authorship, not by a long chalk. Sid co-wrote The Indoor League with John Meade in 1975 and contributed to and compiled two volumes of The BBC Book of World Darts (1979 and 1983), the latter being edited by Darts World’s Tony Wood. Sid ghosted both Jocky Wilson’s autobiography Jocky – Jocky Wilson’s Own Story (1983) and Phil Taylor’s The Power – My Autobiography (2003) and delighted us with his ribald humour in Bedside Darts (1985). Sid has written copiously on darts for over 30 years in books, programme notes and newspaper articles. His new book is a celebration of those years in which Sid helped in no small measure to make darts on TV what it is today.

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Make Mine A Double

Make Mine a Double by Dave Taylor

In the August issue of Darts World, I praised the efforts of Eddie Austin in his mission to record the entire history of the Shropshire County team. Then, out of the blue, came Dave Taylor’s impressive work Make Mine A Double – The Story of Hull Darts.

This is exactly what I have been looking for.

A former Humberside ‘A’ player, Dave spent over two years ploughing through back issues of local newspapers at the Hull Central Library, in search of information about darts in the city. Ably assisted by Malcolm Richardson, a local sports reporter and darts enthusiast (Malcolm also provides the Foreword to the book), Dave has produced a fine piece of historical research about darts in Hull since the 1950s.

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Bobby Dazzler – My Story, Bobby George

Bobby Dazzler My Story By Bobby George

Anyone reading Bobby Dazzler – My Story, Bobby George’s recently published biography, and expecting it to reflect the style of his That’s the Way to Do It! column in Darts World magazine will be disappointed. For his first major published work, Bobby, with the help of journalist Lance Hardy, adopts a more serious, yet relaxed writing style, demonstrating Bobby’s wish to make it, as he told me recently, “More than just a book about darts.”

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David Nobbs – Cupid’s Dart

Cupid's Dart by David Nobbs

The hilarious new novel from the creator of Reginald Perrin begins with a not-so-brief encounter on a train, between 58-year-old philosophy lecturer Alan, and Ange a twenty-something darts groupie. Alan learns to live for the moment, and Ange to appreciate the finer things in life.

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It’s a Funny Old Game, Darts, Life The Best of Dartoid

It's A Funny Game, Darts, Life - The Best of Dartoid

Dartoid (Paul Seigel) reports regularly on his favourite sport of darts from all over the planet wherever his work for the International Fund for Animal Welfare and Operation Smile or his own leisure time takes him His column ‘Dartoid’s World’ is syndicated across the globe and he has established himself as the key reporter on darts ‘from the field.’

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101 Excuses for Bad Darts

101 Excuses For Bad Darts

It’s like the return of an old friend.

I first set eyes on a copy of Norma Brockwell’s book 101 Excuses for Bad Darts when it was originally published in Australia in 1983. I thought it was funny then and, as the 3rd Edition is published, I still find it funny today.

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Know the Game Darts 2nd Edition

Know the Game - Darts by Deryk Brown


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Hawaii 501 Life as a Darts Pro

Hawaii 501 - Life as a Darts Pro

Wayne Mardle’s new book is on the shelves

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Phil Taylor – The Power

Phil Taylor - The Power

The Power – My Autobiography Phil Taylor (with Sid Waddell)

It is rare to be in the position of reviewing three dart books at the same point in time and bringing news of a second printing of another but that’s where I find myself on a dull day in May 2004

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A Bar Player’s Guide to Winning Darts

A Bar Player's Guide To Winning Darts'

A Bar Player’s Guide to Winning Darts

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Planet Darts

Planet Darts by Niall Edworthy

A look at Niall Edworthy’s new book, aptly titled Planet Darts: Booze and Bull’s-eyes – Life on the Professional Darts Circuit…….

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In and Out

In and Out by Mat Coward

‘In and Out’ – by Mat Coward

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The Unicorn Darts YearBook 1978

Unicorn Darts Yearbook 1978

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To the Point

To The Point - The Story of Darts in America

GROUNDBREAKING VIDEO – (Letter which appeared in Darts World December 2002)

Dan William Peek – To The Point – The Story Of Darts In America.

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DVD’s & Videos

DVD’s – Eric Bristow’s Embassy Darts & Premier League Darts 2006


The Story of Darts – Video & DVD

VHS Video Version
‘The ‘Story of Darts’ Video – an impartial review by ‘The Journal’ December 2002 Read my review
DVD Version

Dart Products

Darts Sight

Dart Sight

“Subscriber Steve ‘Metalman’ was good enough to bring my attention to a fascinating new product on the market called DartSight, the invention of brothers David and Stuart Needham of Oldham, Lancashire.  Billed by its inventors as a ‘revolutionary new darts training aid’ the purpose of DartSight (left) is to ‘align your throw and develop a reliable and repeatable muscle memory for your action.’ Sounds complicated? 

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DIGLS Dartboard

DIGLS Dartboard

Over the years there have been many attempts to bring our games and pastimes to the dartboard. This is not in the form of alternative games but alternative dartboards. In the past these have included golf, snooker, football and even bingo. Now, for what is believed the very first time, a form of ‘Darts meets Scrabble ®’ has been devised by Cases Project Management of Bridport, Dorset.

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The Circumluminator – Shadow Free Dartboard Lighting

Doctor Darts Circumluminator




The Circumluminator: Uniform, shadow-free, glare-free light

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Madhouse Darts Scoring System

As if mobile phones weren’t adaptable enough, news has reached Darts World of an application that allows darts fans to download ‘MadHouse’, their own personal darts scoreboard…

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